Taking care of your horse: Good advice to protect your horse from winter and insects

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Taking care of your horse: Good advice to protect your horse from winter and insects

Horses are exceptional playmates. In addition to being able to ride him, he gives his owner his undying loyalty. When the cold seasons arrive, there is no question of leaving your animal alone in the cold. This is also the case against insects that can cause its death. In this article you will learn how to take care of your horse against winter and pests.

How to protect your horse from insects?

In the warmer seasons, horses sweat a lot. This is their only defence against excess heat. Unlike other farm animals, they are not able to regulate their temperature by breathing.

The horse's sweat is very salty and attracts many insects such as flies and mosquitoes. But this animal is very sensitive to the bites of the latter. It has a very delicate skin that can easily develop skin lesions. For the well-being of your horse, you must do everything possible to protect it from these pests.


Before treating, it is always best to opt for prevention. If your horse is injured, give it the right care immediately. Clean the wound regularly, as it attracts mosquitoes and other insects. Do not skimp on the means, give your horse good care.

Cleanliness is the main enemy of insects. Good hygiene will help prevent insect attacks. Bedding should always be clean, especially since horses pee a lot during the summer. Do not cut your horse's mane, as this is its natural defence against insects.


If prevention is not enough, use repellents. But don't opt for chemical products. If you don't control them, the horse could die. It is always better to opt for natural repellents. You can use diatomaceous earth or vinegar to keep the insects away.

You can buy insect repellents. They both repel insects and provide warmth. On our site, you can find natural, chemical-free solutions to protect your pets. You will find the equipment you need to protect your horse from insects.

The equipment

For horse protection to be effective, some extra equipment is needed. There are :

  • The front protection mask;
  • The blanket;
  • The neck-over;
  • And all the cleaning equipment.

You can find the necessary equipment at your specialist dealer.

How to protect your horse from winter?

The horse's problems are not over, even if winter arrives. Insects and heat hide, but he has to face the wind and the cold winter. Here are some tips to make sure your horse has a good winter.

Give your horse a good shelter

During the cold seasons, some riders prefer to lock their horses in their stalls. But others leave them free in the open air. If you are one of the latter, you should definitely think about a shelter for your horse.

It should be able to take refuge in it when a snowstorm breaks out or the temperature drops severely. The shelter must be perfectly mulched so that the horse stays warm. It is also important to think about hydration. Because even if it is cold, the horse needs to drink water.

Exercise your horse regularly

During the winter, your horse spends most of his days in the stable. You should take him out from time to time to exercise him a little. As with humans, a horse's muscles tend to warm up badly. Don't force him to gallop as soon as he goes out, take it easy and go slowly.

During the winter you also need to check your horse's hooves regularly. They grow at a rapid rate during this period. Without realising it, the size of the hoof can cause a sprain or fracture. It is therefore recommended that you always take care of them.

Get the right equipment

When winter comes, it's always best to be well equipped. You will need a horse blanket. Without one, it's impossible to get through the winter, especially if it's a mare. If the mare is pregnant or has just given birth, this can make her very vulnerable to the cold. A blanket for the mother and foal is more than necessary during the cold seasons.

You will also need equipment to regularly brush your horse's coat. As well as being cold, winter is very dirty. Rain, snow and mud get stuck in the horse's coat. When you have time, it is highly recommended to brush your horse gently to make him feel comfortable. This also helps to control any insects.


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