Choosing the right small pet for you

Choosing the right small pet for you

Animals are companions for life. They help us pass the time and keep us busy. Older people have the most to gain from their free time with their pets. But age doesn't matter, anyone can have a pet as a friend. But it is better to choose a small mammal, it is easy to maintain. In this article you will find small mammals that are suitable for you.

The dog

The dog is known as man's best friend. In addition to being a pet, it is also an excellent bodyguard. There are several breeds of dogs, some of them are very large, such as mastiffs, shepherds and many others, and some are small.

Small dogs are easy to maintain. They do not require a lot of money. However, you must provide them with a good diet. The amount of food should not exceed that recommended for your dog. Here are some breeds you might like: the Cavalier King Charles, the Tulear cotton or the Chiwawa. 


The cat is a good companion, in addition to being small in size, it adapts to any lifestyle. They can live in an urban environment as well as in the countryside. You can choose between several breeds of cats, some of which are large and others small.

Breeding a cat is not complex, you just need to ensure a good diet. You should also think about worming and giving your cat vitamins. Without this, the life expectancy of your cat may be shortened. If you have any doubts, seek advice from a vet.


Ferrets are known to be wild animals, but it is quite possible to keep them as pets. This mammal is small, rarely larger than a cat. Despite its small size, this animal has a very powerful jaw.

The ferret is a strictly carnivorous animal. It only eats food that contains meat. Breeders can choose between two types of food: the BARF diet (biologically adapted raw food) and ferret food. If you respect its diet, this animal will like you.


The rabbit is a very cute mammal that can live in the countryside as well as in the city. It is a herbivore and is best known for its high blood pressure. For this reason, you should not give it certain foods that raise its blood pressure. 

There are several breeds of rabbits, but dwarf rabbits are the most popular. They are very small and adaptable to any owner. But they do need you, if you are away a lot, the rabbit's life expectancy will be greatly reduced. The best breeds of dwarf rabbits are: Angoras, Rams and Poles.


Gerbils are small mammals that belong to the rodent family. They generally live in groups and their territory covers several square metres. When you keep them indoors, you will need to keep them entertained to expend the energy they have.

If you want to adopt this small animal, you will need a lot of patience. Gerbils like to be independent, so you will have to adapt them to a quieter lifestyle little by little. Their diet should be based on the advice of a vet. The vet will give you all the information you need to raise a gerbil.

The squirrel

The squirrel is a small rodent that lives in the forest. This small animal is very lively and has a lot of energy to expend. Squirrels usually live in trees, but it is possible to keep them in a human home. However, their owners must respect a good diet.

Adopting a squirrel is not easy, you have to tame it well before it respects you. Squirrels do not like noise and stress. If you leave it alone for too long, its life expectancy will be considerably reduced.

The hamster

Who hasn't dreamed of owning a hamster? This rodent is unique and is the ideal companion for humans. Hamsters do not require much maintenance. They can stay in their cage for a long time, but you still have to take them out from time to time.

If you choose to adopt a hamster, you will need to vaccinate it. After that, you should give it a health check. Once it is fit, you can play with it all the time. But make sure you feed it well and give it enough water.


Mice are best known for scientific experiments. But some breeds can be kept in the home. However, owners must train them well or they will revert to rodent habits. All you have to do is follow the advice of a veterinarian to raise a mouse properly.

Feeding a mouse is not complicated. Good hygiene and frequent bedding changes are all that's needed to keep your mouse in top shape. Stinky odours will not persist with this method.

Guinea pigs

This is a rodent that belongs to the Caviidae family. Native to Latin America, this species is especially dedicated to breeding. Some people adopt them for their meat, but recently the majority of breeders prefer them as pets.

The guinea pig is a good companion and is not very difficult to feed. It eats only greenery, as it is a herbivore. Good hygiene and good food are enough to make him happy. For the sub-breeds, you can choose between a crowned guinea pig, Coronet or Peruvian.

The dwarf pig

The dwarf pig is one of the smartest pets in the world. They can adapt to any lifestyle, but you need to provide a spacious play area in your home. They can live in a flat, but the rubbish must be cleaned up properly to avoid health problems.

Feeding a dwarf pig is not very complicated. All you have to do is follow the vet's advice and recommendations. Dwarf pigs require good hygiene, as their excrement smells strong. As soon as the bedding is loaded, you should replace it immediately.


The Chinchilla is a medium-sized nocturnal rodent. It comes from the Andes mountains. There are two types of Chinchilla. The first type is the free-living species and the second type is the captive species. The latter are obtained from the hybridisation of the wild species.

The Chinchilla adapts well to urban life. It operates only at night and spends most of its time sleeping during the day. You can play with it from time to time, but you must train it well and respect its diet.

The miniature goat

The miniature goat is a very popular pet. They are very cute and have won the hearts of many people. Children especially love to play with the miniature goat, but adults can also enjoy its beauty.

The diet of a dwarf goat does not differ from that of a farm goat. But when it lives in a flat, good hygiene must be ensured. You should also respect its diet and take it for walks from time to time.


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