10 breeds of rabbits to start breeding

10 breeds of rabbits to start breeding

Rabbits are beautiful animals that can be raised in the country or in the city. They are cute, although some people breed them for their meat and others for the company. Before you can breed them, you need to know the best rabbit breeds available. In this article you will find the 10 breeds of rabbits to start breeding.

Dwarf breeds

Dwarf breeds are perfect for starting a rabbit farm. They are easy to feed and are also excellent companions. They can live in an urban environment in a flat, but their owners will have to ensure good hygiene.

The Angora Dwarf

The Angora rabbit is distinguished from its companions by its long silky hair. It is to this characteristic that it owes its name: angora. Indeed, its coat yields angora wool. This wool can be used in the textile world to make rugs and other types of fabric.

The average Angora rabbit weighs 1.4 kg, some individuals can reach 1.7 kg. It takes 6 months for the rabbit to reach adulthood. An additional 2 months are needed for their reproductive system to function. The care of the Angora rabbit is a bit difficult. You will need metal pins, a comb and a pair of scissors to clean its fur.

The Polish rabbit

The Polish rabbit is distinguished from the others by its colour. Sometimes called ermine, the Polish rabbit has a snow-white coat. The majority of Polish rabbits are found in England. The name Polish comes from their origin, as the British imported them from Poland.

The weight of the Polish rabbit varies from 0.8 kg to 1.5 kg, but in general an individual rabbit weighs between 1 and 1.25 kg. Breeding can begin as soon as the animal reaches 8 months of age, and the female can support 2 to 3 litters per year. This breed can live in the city, but you must give it hay and water.

The dwarf ram

The dwarf ram is an easy-to-recognise rabbit, with a very cute face and floppy ears. This is the most popular rabbit breed in the world. Furthermore, the ram rabbit loves its owner very much if the owner knows how to take care of it.

The life of the dwarf ram depends on its mood, if it is often sad, it will have a short life span. If you are away a lot, having two rabbits is more desirable. In addition, the combination of different breeds can result in a crossbreed, as in the case of the Angora ram rabbit. You can try several crossbreeds, but beware of the health of the ram.

Medium breeds

There are a lot of medium breed rabbits. Most of the time, they are intended for consumption, but other breeds are very rare. They are more suited to urban life within a family.

The Fauve de Bourgogne

This is a very popular rabbit among French breeders and breeders. The Burgundy Fawn is best known for the quality of its meat. Its weight varies from 3.5 to 5 kilos, with a long life expectancy. Its name comes from its coat which has a warm Burgundy colour.

The Burgundy Fawn is a rabbit that is more suited to the countryside. It is full of energy, so it needs a lot of space to work out. Reproduction starts as early as the seventh month for the female. The male, on the other hand, cannot reproduce before he is nine months old.

The Champagne silver rabbit

The Champagne silver rabbit is a domestic rabbit. Even though it is large, it is a good companion. The breed has existed since 1912, but its population is quite small. Indeed, there are only 3,000 specimens in France.

The Silver Champagne weighs between 4 and 5.5 kg with a height of 12 to 15 cm. Thanks to its size, this breed of rabbit is quite popular for its meat for consumption. But these rabbits are not suitable for intensive breeding. Their life expectancy is very short when kept in captivity.

Vienna Blue Rabbit

The Vienna Blue Rabbit is a breed that was created at the end of the 19th century. In the past, it was a member of the large rabbit category. However, with time, individuals can no longer exceed a weight of 5.5 kg. For a rabbit to be accepted as a Vienna Blue, its coat must be dark blue.

The meat of the Vienna Blue rabbit is very tasty. This breed is intended for consumption rather than for breeding. However, there is nothing to stop you from adopting it as a room mate. Feeding is very important if you want to ensure the quality of the meat obtained.

The Alaska

This is a rare breed of rabbit that comes from Germany. This rabbit is easily recognizable with its black coat. It is a medium sized rabbit, it does not weigh too much, yet it is a rabbit for consumption.

The meat of the Alaskan rabbit is very refined. It is highly prized by guests of star hotels. As with other breeds, the Alaskan needs good nutrition to survive. Without it, the life expectancy of a hen will be considerably reduced.

Giant breeds

In films and cartoons, rabbits seem to be small, unmoving creatures that are only there for show. Giant rabbits will surprise you if you see one. They exist to stand out from the crowd.

The Flanders Giant

The Flanders Giant is a rabbit that arrived in France in the 17th century. Intended for consumption, this rabbit can satisfy its owners for several days. This rabbit prefers to live in the countryside, but it can also adapt to city life. It is an excellent companion that will entertain you.

The Flanders Giant has difficulty reproducing. Although they are numerous, their growth process is slower than that of other breeds. Most of the time, this rabbit is grey in colour. But over time other colours have appeared in the Flanders Giant.

The French Ram

The French Ram has the same characteristics as the Dwarf Ram. This breed stands out for its weight and its large size. But for ears and nose, rabbits are easy to recognize by their muzzle. The French ram is a cross between the Flanders giants and the Normandy rabbits.

The French ram weighs at least 5 kg. Some individuals reach this weight easily and even exceed it. It is a coloured animal: black, white and grey. 

The White Giant of Bouscat

The white giant of Bouscat is one of the oldest breeds on the planet. It was invented by combining several other breeds. They have allowed this breed to produce a more majestic meat than other rabbits.

The Géant black de Bouscat is a rabbit intended for consumption. But you can also raise it in the country as well as in town. All you have to do is ensure that it is hygienic, well fed and well hydrated.


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