Prepare your outdoor spaces for the arrival of sunny days!

Prepare your outdoor spaces for the arrival of sunny days!

Spring means great cleaning! The time to make a clean place on your terrace, in the garden and in the living areas of your animals. You can then fully enjoy vitamin D in an outdoor as new.

The maintenance of the terrace, a crucial step for spring

Organization is the key to efficiency! At Aniko's, we give you all our tips for a clean and tidy space to enjoy the terrace under the sun.

First, clear your deck of any clutter (dead branches, garbage cans, etc.) and move the furniture. We will start this cleaning by scrubbing the outside floor. To do this, have:

• your motivation,

• a little elbow grease,

• an effective cleaner, such as EKO'PIN’s powerful exterior floor cleaner.

It is also compatible with any cleaning machine such as a high-pressure cleaner.

This first passage will certainly be tedious but very rewarding. Then use a weed killer to remove the crazy herbs that have taken up residence between the slabs of your terrace. For this, nothing better than the PORTLAND biocontrol weed killer, biodegradable*, weeds will not last long!

The next step is the garden furniture. Whether it has spent the winter outdoors or in a dedicated space, it deserves a clean shot! A first water cleaning is necessary for your furniture in PVC, resin braided, etc. This first passage may not be enough to eliminate all the dirt, this is where the special cleaning of garden furniture comes in. Ideal on varnished wood, PVC, resin braided, canvas, etc. Find your armchairs, umbrellas and tables as new.

What would a sun terrace be without its barbecue? The latter spent his winter locked up, he deserves to make a beauty at the arrival of sunny days! Whether made of stone or metal, no grease stain can resist the special EKO'PIN barbecue cleaner. Ideal on the grill as well as on glass, your barbecue will find its youth of yesteryear! Are you a fan of planchas or braziers? No worries, this cleaner will be just as effective. Prepare them to host tender meats and juicy vegetables for successful tasty evenings!

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Once the terrace has been refurbished, to fully enjoy it without unwanted insects, such as mosquitoes, equip yourself with a BEAUMONT insect destroyer, effective both inside and outside, You can spend long warm evenings without worrying about injections.

Bring out the gardener inside you

After having prepared your terrace, it is now time to start cleaning the garden. Left abandoned all winter, it is grey setting.

Just like your hair, plants need a small cut from time to time, to grow back more beautiful. Trim your hedges, your roses and mow your lawn. And if you feel the floral soul, do not hesitate to plant geraniums or lavatera, which are perennial plants that will last all year.

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Spring, in addition to the mating season, also announces the mole season. After making so much effort to make your exterior pleasant, it would be a shame if this harmony was disturbed by moles. To avoid the appearance of these mounds of earth, everywhere in the garden, opt for a SWISSINNO solar mole trap that will keep these rodents away thanks to vibrations that will hinder their tranquillity.

Your resolutions this year may have led you to go into a vegetable garden, and if that’s the case, protecting it is essential, because we at Aniko's know it’s a long-term job. Putting a fence around your plantations can be essential. The BEAUMONT Electrified Garden Fence Kit will prevent animals from trashing your hard work.

Your animals also deserve to be pampered

The terrace is done. The garden is done. Now you have to take care of your pets and their places of life.

For the comfort of your companions, the hygiene of their place of life is paramount. Henhouse, niche, box, it’s time for the great cleaning! Just as for cleaning the terrace, the first thing to do is to rid the interior of any unnecessary element. Who has an orderly henhouse throws the first stone! Sweep your cubicle, kennel or chicken coop to remove excess hay or dust.

Then comes the scrubbing. These places are rarely cleaned, with a large C, the dirt gets embedded. To overcome this, equip yourself with a bactericidal and fungicidal disinfectant, such as Crésyl, with gloves and courage. Rub all surfaces and emphasize the gaps, where parasites love to lodge, then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Your animals can reach their habitat once the surfaces are dry. In the meantime, focus on watering troughs and feeders for your animals, which are also nests of microbes and require a good clean. Once all the elements are healthy and dry, replace the hay, straw, and put the furniture back in place (chicken coop, bowl, etc.).

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Spring is also synonymous with moulting in animals. The latter having accumulated a beautiful protective fur this winter, they are now preparing to host the summer. To help them in this process, and to avoid finding hair all over the inside, you can brush them, either with a pneumatic card for your dogs or with a stirrup for your horses.

With all these tips, you are ready for the arrival of the summer season. After the maintenance of your terrace, your garden and the care of your animals, it’s time for you to rest and enjoy vitamin D!


*ALEAVI AMM N°2170243: Use plant protection products with caution. Before using, read the label and product information. 


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